Monday, April 2, 2012

Brawler Canes

Your primary goals as a brawler hurricane pilot is as follows:

I) DPS the primary
II) Spread tackle to potential secondaries/expensive ships
III) Stay alive.

1). When the primary is called get within 10km as quickly as possible. Reduce transversal by turning off your Mwd but continue moving. I hit "orbit at 500". Make sure you are shooting the right damage type. Typically this means EM/Thermal against Drakes and any shield ships, Fusion against armor tankers and T2 Minmatar.

2). If someone calls "tackle on the primary" your next job is to spread your tackle to another likely target.

Excellent examples:

A nano HAC (Vagabond/Cynabal) burns within 10km of you. Overheat your scram (don't forget to take heat off), turn on mwd, tackle/neut him and make sure you stay approaching him/monitor your cap usage. In this situation calling "XXXX Tackled" would be a good idea. Only call "tackled" if you are going to be able to hold the target for sure. If he gets away, it's on you.

High DPS/Fast ships. T3 Battlecruisers (Tornados, etc). Brawler canes rely on everything clumping together. Tackle glass cannons before they get away and crush us.

Expensive ships: Anything that would potentially be a juicy kill mail should be tackled especially if we will likely win the fight. T2, Faction ships especially.

Fast tackle that will quickly die: If an interceptor, dramiel, light dictor, or anything that you can basically 2 shot comes within neut/scram range and you aren't tackling more important things, go ahead and neut/scram kill them.

3). If you are not approaching a target, align out. If you are primary immediately overheat your MWD/Invuln and align out. Check for tackle. If you are not scrammed, webbed, GTFO. If you are tackled, overheat your guns (if you die it won't matter if they burn out) and do as much damage as you can before you go down. Do not flood comms with "immmm dyinggggg!!! immm in armorrrr!!! neeeddd reps!!! Finally, if the fleet is shooting something you have tackled but you are about to go down, call for secondary tackle.

Broadcast for reps. If you do not hit "need shields" on the bottom of the fleet window you will not receive shields.

These fleets work by tackling enemy gangs close together and applying high amounts of DPS.

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